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Gourmet Drop &
Custom Sugar Cookies

Welcome to T's Terrific Treats, where cookies are crafted with love and flair!  Indulge in classics like our divine sugar cookies or explore the extraordinary with our signature drop cookies. We offer a variety of flavors from Cookies and Cream classics, to Strawberry Shortcake Stuffed delights, each bite is a burst of joy! Freshly baked with the finest ingredients, our cookies redefine sweet perfection. Join us on a delicious journey of flavors at T's – where every cookie is a little piece of happiness!

Additional Services

Gluten Friendly 

Indulge in guilt-free delight with T's Terrific Treats! Elevate your sweet experience with our gluten-friendly alternative for our signature sugar cookies. We take the utmost care in crafting these treats, prioritizing your dietary needs. However, it's important to note that despite our meticulous efforts, we cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination.

Dairy Free

Discover the irresistible world of T's Terrific Treats, now offering dairy-free alternatives for our lactose-sensitive customers. While we take great care to avoid cross-contamination, please be aware of the possibility, as our kitchen handles various ingredients. Your satisfaction is paramount, so  please inform our team of any dietary requirements.

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